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Garage Door Opener Repair In Fort Lauderdale

Anyone who’s had to strain to lift open a garage door during heavy snow or rain knows the value of a fully-functioning garage door opener. Nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with issues with your opener, which is why we at Garage Door Opener Repair Fort Lauderdale make our team available any time you’re in need of garage door opener repair.

Out trained technicians know everything there is to know about garage door openers, and should be able to diagnose the problems with your opener quickly and easily. Whether its issues with the cable, track, roller, springs, or electrical system, you can trust that our technicians can fix it fast.

Common Reasons Garage Door Openers Break

Years of performing garage door repair has taught us that the most common reasons behind garage door problems are issues with the torsion springs. These springs provide almost 90% of the lift needed to raise or lower the door. Most torsion springs break because of either two factors:

Age: Your typical garage door system was built to run smoothly for anywhere between 10,000–12,000 cycles. That usually translates to a 6–10 year life span. however that time can be cut in half in homes that have two cars stored in the garage.

Rust: Garages aren’t the most climate-controlled of environments, and as such, the metal torsion springs are subject to rust. Without regular lubrication, that rusting can be accelerated.

Garage Door Opener Repair Fort Lauderdale

What to Do if Your Garage Door Opener Stops Working

If you find your garage door opener is not working, first check the remote battery. If that’s working, do a quick visual inspection looking for any obvious problems (runners off track, broken cable, no electricity to motor). Pull the red-handled emergency release cord to disconnect the door from the opener to open the door manually. Once all of that is done, call us at Garage Door Opener Repair Fort Lauderdale right away (954) 634-4650.

Ensure the reliability of your garage door opener by calling us at Garage Door Opener Repair Fort Lauderdale whenever issues arise. Our garage door opener repair service is the best in the business, and we take the care of your unit very seriously.

We Have the Garage Door Opener You’re Looking For

The garage door is more than just what meets the eye. it is a vital part of the overall décor of your home. As important as your front door is for the entrance to your house, the garage door is also an entryway that can enhance the curb appeal of your home. Installing top grade garage door openers is not only essential to make car parking efficient, but also poses as a necessary security measure to safeguard your home. In order to make your home more appealing and enhance the security and efficiency of your garage door, we at Garage Door Opener Repair Fort Lauderdale offer a wide range of garage door openers and services.

Quality You Can Depend On

Our establishment has been serving families for more than 10 years, and we have developed a trustworthy relationship with all of our customers. The reason behind the smiles on the faces of our customers is the quality of service we provide in everything we do. The garage door openers and equipment we provide is from the top brand names and we ensure that nothing but quality components go into your garage door. The low prices of our garage door components won’t break the bank in terms of our undisputed quality and durability.

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Services You Can Trust

As a family owned company Garage Door Opener Repair Fort Lauderdale, the true value of our business is in the satisfaction of our customers. To ensure this, we recruit and train the best technicians available, and make sure that you always get a friendly service man to look after your garage door. With industrial grade training procedures, we take pride in knowing that our team is comprised of professional and uniformed technicians. If you need an emergency repair for your garage door openers, do not hesitate to call us (954) 634-4650, as we Garage Door Opener Repair Fort Lauderdale have technicians on standby just to serve you. No matter the model or manufacturer of your garage door opener, our technicians will get the job done.

Saving You Money

We never want you to pay more than is needed. With lifetime warranties on garage door openers, you can make sure that you don’t spend a dime on repairs ever again. To make our customers happier and save them even more money, we offer daily specials that will help you save on a variety of installation costs and repairs.

We Can Help

If your old garage door opener is giving you a hard time, or you need a new look for your garage door, we can help. Call us right away to book a free quote and get the best rate and service quality available (954) 634-4650.

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